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summer 2018 art show

Through her passion for seashells, her love for colors and their meaning, Marie Wohlfahrt is constantly experimenting to mix, pair & arrange these elements into abstracted mixed-media paintings. With a background in chemical engineering, she has demonstrated a deep knowledge of color, new materials, 3D printing and color design. She is also regularly involved in the latest Fashion & Interior Color Trends through various well-known organizations in Manhattan & Europe.

What she enjoys the most, is applying what she learns in the industry into her art-playing with special effects and pigments, experimenting with different mediums, arranging gold leaf, sand or seashells in a way that will complement each other: "Besides technique & chemistry, I believe in the powerful healing effect art & colors can have on the viewer. I embrace holistic medicine or spiritual systems as another facet of scientific observation curing with colors, as in chromo-therapy, with energy flow as in Feng Shui, or with seashells that you will be drawn into. My paintings are another vector of your emotions."

Brittany, on the western coast of France, is the place where she gathers most of her materials. Marie travels from her home country to her studio in Pennsylvania to ensure the replenishment of her various seashell collections. Sweden, Great Britain, Israel, Morocco, Brazil and the Caribbean are other provenance for her “findings”. Marie's paintings are part of private collections in France, the United States & Canada. She welcomes studio visits as well as commission work.

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